I help world-class product teams bridge UX Design and Scientific Computing.
Observable 2020-2022
  • Developed features for simplifying complex data workflows.
  • Taught data visualization to thousands of data practitioners.
  • Built open source community and examples for d3.js and Observable Plot.
Google 2016-2020
  • Developed data-driven tools supporting 300+ person design team.
  • Open-sourced 50 million Quick, Draw drawings with the Creative Lab
  • Co-authored 4 publications on Distill.
Lever 2012-2015
  • First hire, founding software engineer.
  • Designed and built the original data infrastructure
  • Designed and built reporting features used by largest customers
  • Built internal tools still in use when acquired for $500m in 2022
Open Source, Open Science & Open Data

Distill was a scientific journal for publishing interactive Machine learning research.

While at Google I co-authored:

At Google I helped the Creative Lab open source the Quick, Draw! dataset.

This data was used to:

I love collecting, exploring and visualizing data!
A selection of datasets I am proud of:

Block Builder was an in-browser editor for quickly making, editing, remixing and sharing d3.js code examples. Launched via Kickstarter it supported the curation of more than 40,000 community examples.

Part of my process is building and sharing small experiments. I've got hundreds of d3.js blocks, Observable notebooks and collaborations demonstrating various data visualization, UX and graphics techniques.

Community Leadership

Co-founded and co-organized the Bay Area d3.js meetup in 2012 which has grown to 5,000+ members in person and 9,000+ online. Wrote several popular articles on D3 including:

Co-founded and co-organized the d3.js unconference for 5 years. Each year a 100+ top d3.js practitioners gathered to discuss, learn and advance d3.js together.

I like to share my understanding on YouTube I've published more than covering various aspects of d3, data visualization, web cartography and graphics programming.

Produced, organized and hosted numerous events, workshops and live streams for the Observable Community.